मुसाफिर तो हम सभी है इस ज़िंदगी के… किसी को रस्ते मालूम है या कोई दूसरे के बनाये रास्तो पे चल रहा है,
लेकिन हमें न तोह रस्ते मालूम है नाही कोई हमारा रहनुमा है…

 Most of the youth of our generation are lost in the way to pursue their dreams and even most of us don’t even have idea what we actually want… 

Lets find our destiny  together ‘coz

If you are lost means you are on trail to find your destiny and definitely you’ll find the way…

This blog is mainly my amateur poetry journal, if you like them, please, share them and help me grow 🙂

Author : Harsh Vardhan


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