Charo taraf ujaala tha…

“Za takraya in diwaro me
Phir inke hone ka eshsaas hua
Band hu ek pinjre me
Jaan ke niraas hua”


Charo taraf ujaala thA (PDF)

Charo taraf ujaala tha (DOCX)

guys! please check this poem out written by me
I’m sure you guys will like it..

Author’s note:

This poem is based on situations where we get stuck in our life just because of our wrong perspective and belief.
When we realize things are falling apart and are beyond our control, we panic, we try heedlessly over and over to take over the control and guess what? We fail… we fail badly because we were ignorant and refused to see the reality but when we become aware our own flaws and perspective we get to know darkness was within not everywhere else.

It’s like dawn to a world full of possibilities… 🙂

give me feedback as it will motivate me a lot to write more 🙂

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